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The 3 Pillars of Health Care

The 3 Pillars of Health Care

For 35 % Savings & Reinvestments

in Education and Community Service

and Rodrol Series of 27 video clips

(May 2020 Edition)


Artwork illustrating
the Past, Present, and Future
of RHUMART® & Rodrol University

The 3 Pillars to Save 35 % on Health Costs
and Rodrol Series of 27 video clips


The 3 Pillars to Save 35 % on Health Costs are ...

1. Clean Living or FORBES' Life Style?
2. Medication Reduction Therapies
3. Rodrol's  7 Golden  Rules 

In 2017, it will be the 50th year of my professional life, since my college education in Engineering Physics, at Laval University in 1967. Then, I completed the M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto, in 1971.

In 2015 and 2016, we produced the Rodrol ABC series of 27 video clips.
Most of these clips are accessible from the links given below.
The three subjects of Rodrol ABC clips are ...

1. The Scientific Philosophy of Life
2. The RHUMART Approach and Therapy
3. What can be called "Scientific Buddhism"

These 27 video clips were realized with the help of the following members of the RHUMART team: Denis Carrier working with us since 1980 ; my sun François and my daughter Josée-Anne who have also been involved in the success of the RHUMART approach, since its introduction in Canada, in 1980.

The present document on "The 3 Pillars to Save 35 % on Health Costs" is intended to help all human beings who wish to engage in reducing the burden of health costs on society and all afflicted families.

It is more specifically addressed to the following persons and organisations because we strongly believe that they can help realise our goal, which is to reduce by at least 35 % the overall health costs, worldwide.

- the Editor of FORBES' Magazine
- the Editor of the New England J. of Medicine
- the Editor of the New York Times J.
- the FDA (US Food and Drugs Administration)
- Members of the ICIM (International College of Integretive Medicine)

Of course, our goal is realistic only in countries and communities where the political will, and other means, to achieve the said 35 % reduction, say, within 5, 10, or maybe 20 years, are effectively present.

About FORBES', just navigate the Web to find the Nov. 2004 issue of FORBES' Magazine at http://www.FORBES.com

"Clean Living, FORBES' STYLE" and "Highlights of FORBES' article, Nov. 2004".

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About the "New England J. of  Medicine", NEJM : When I was present at the "Harvard Business School " (at one Alumni Meeting of 2005). After the talks by the representatives of "Big Pharma" companies, the Chief Editor of the NEJM accused the last speaker of Pharma's representative to make medical doctors look like criminalsin the eyes of the public. This, he said, because Pharma's drugs often deteriorate the condition of too many people instead of really helping them.

Then, one of Pharma's representatives looked at the accuser and, smiling, he affirmed:

"As you know, doctor, we are all in this together"

This indicates that Big Pharma companies behave as if they consider medical doctors, and their activities, as part of their own business team and activities?

About the New York Times and the FDA representatives present at the above mentioned Harvard meeting, they witnessed the above conversation and, the woman representing the FDAaffirmed loud and clear that all drugs have damaging side effects, especially when not properly prescribed or used. However, in 2015, we were made aware that the said FDA created a new category of devices called"

"Wellness Devices"

which are considered safe, causing no harm to responsible users.
This is good news for the future of various therapies
based on the use of such "Wellness Devices".

About the ICIM and Medication Reduction Therapies (MRTs), I have personally appreciated the important efforts made by the members of the ICIM, during their 62nd meeting in Toronto (Sept. 9-11, 2016). The speakers at this meeting proposed many alternatives to non-essential drugs that cause more harm to patients than the real benefits they offer. (For info on ICIM, see <http://icimed.com>.

At the 62nd meeting of the ICIM, I was awarded a certificate in Medication Reduction Therapy (MRT) which follows:

Inline images 13

In the following paragraphs, I wish to confirm that

The RHUMART Approach and Systems
have effectively
allowed for reductions of
 50 % of prescribed medication
and 50 % of visits to medical doctors!!

This, after only 6 months of regular use of a RHUMART system, for chronically ill patients suffering from various health problems or diseases; for as long as 2, 5, 10 or even 20 years after their original diagnosis of serious diseases, or traumatic injuries,such as :

- Juvenile, chronic, ankilosing spondilitis, and other types of Arthritis

- High Blood Pressure, poor blood circulation, traumatic injuries, chronic pain

- Chronic varicose ulcers, skin problems (including Shingles in eyes and large skin areas)

- Insomnia and various STRESS related problems, after a car accident, or plain crash

- Various combinations of about 75 health problems or diseases.

The results obtained with the RHUMART approach and systems, including the 50 % Reductions in prescribed drugs, and, in visits to medical doctors (40 % for generalists, and 60 % for medical specialists) are well summarised in two scientific reports by the CROP scientific survey team, based in Montreal.

The CROP team independently surveyed over one thousand owner-users of the RHUMART system and approach (in 1990-91). You can view the summary of these two independent scientific reports (attached or annexed) or, if you are on the Web, by clicking on the following links:
View PDF document C.R.O.P. Survey of the Rhumart Clientèle

(1c3) Pages: 2, Press Release
Author : René Tounissoux, Centre De Recherches Sur L'Opinion Publique, CROP Survey Supports RHUMART Claims, Improved Quality Of Life, Reasons For Buying The System, Reduced Pain, Report, Results, Results Of A CROP Scientific Survey, Scientific Survey, Sociology, Specific Results.

CROP Report : The Impact of Rhumart on the use of medication and medical doctors

(1c4) Pages: 13, Scientific Article
Analysis, Author : René Tounissoux, Before / After, Comparison, Conclusions, Consumption Of Prescription And Nonprescription Drugs, Data, Drug Consumption, Frequency Of Medical Consultations, Impact Of RHUMART Auto-Santé System, Medical Consultations, Rhumart Clientele, Social Statistics.


The 23 following NOTES are related to The 3 Pillars to save 35 % 0n health costs, the RHUMART approach and systems, the 27 video clips, and Rodrol's "Nobel Dream"

1. The 7 Golden Rules proposed by Rodrol University to help reduce health costs by some 33 %

- Click on the Link below for clip # B9 of the Rodrol ABC series:

B9: https://youtu.be/kTCHWYZYmJY

2. A few links to help you understand ...

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- The origin of Life on Earth, etc, click on the following link:
Preface 1 : PEMF & RHUMART therapy, Wellness Devices,
Origin & Development of Life on Earth - https://youtu.be/UoLCnFrGYhU

- Before the "Big Bang" + Energies? Click on the flink:
Preface 2 : Our Universe, from Only One Big-Bang? 
& The kinds of Energies around us? https://youtu.be/U3REquOa3fA

- General documentation + contact #s, click on the link:
Clip A5 Documentation linking Science, Buddhism,
®  + contact #s - https://youtu.be/2Tul1GSGLB

3. The International College of Integrative Medicine, ICIM :
- Visit their website at <http://www.icimed.com>

4. To access extracts of The RHUMART Experience (6-DVDs series,
    in English, French, and Spanish languages) and various introductions
    to the RHUMART approach and systems, click on the links below:

- General Introductions to Rhumart
  1. http://www.rhumart.com/pdf/En/Rhumart-1c1-En.pdfView PDF documentThe Art of Self-Healing (1c1)

  2. http://www.rhumart.com/pdf/En/Rhumart-1c2-En.pdf View PDF documentRhumart Anti-STRESS (1c2)

  3. http://www.rhumart.com/pdf/En/Rhumart-1c3-En.pdfView PDF document CROP Survey of the Rhumart Clientèle, Press Release (1c3)

  4. http://www.rhumart.com/pdf/En/Rhumart-1c4-En.pdfView PDF document CROP Report : The Impact of Rhumart on the use of medication and medical doctors (1c4)

- RHUMART video Library of authentic experiences :

- Recent testimonials, from <http://www.Rodrol.org> :

- Yvon Tremblay's

Very low haemoglobin count - even after two transfusions

Pure red blood cell aplesia, a little-known illness

that necessitated two blood transfusions in close succession

and required a 10-month leave of absence from work.

Prescribed medications: Prednisone, cortisone, cyclophosphamide

(St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada)

- John Amann's

RHUMART twin girls, perseverance,

Fertility, fertility clinics (for a 25,000 US$ trial session)
Sperm count, sperm mobility, IVF techniques, IVF clinics,

trauma, accident, plane crash, pelvic injury, pelvic bone surgery
RHUMART to help heal all sorts of ailments, overall wellness,

pilgrimage to Canada, wheelchair bound, health investment
(Boston and N.Y. city, USA)

- Lise et Yoland L’Heureux's

Tumour, blood loss, colonoscopy, urology,

Myopia, regained perfect vision, optometry, medical report, 

Driver’s licence, SAAQ, stable results after 20 years!

Miraculous device, Courage, determination,

And happiness

(Gatineau, Québec, Canada)

- Ginette Martin's

Carpal tunnel atrophy, persistent earache, avoided surgery,

Cancer of the bladder, CVA, hernia, Alzheimer’s, regeneration,

pain killing, anti-inflammatory

(Québec, Canada)

- Huguette Paquet's

Synovitis of the wrist, edema, pain, automobile accident, TENS

(Québec, Canada)


5. Download RHUMART journals

By clicking on one of the three following icons (RHUMART journal cover pages), you will access a historical introduction outlining the nature of RHUMART self-therapy, and its scientific, clinical, and human bases.  These journals also include some amazing results obtained since 1980.



6. Brief contents of the book
Self-Medicine and RHUMART Miracles"

- Author’s Prefaceon Self-Medicine™ and the  RHUMART Revolution.

- Ways to improve health: arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, trauma, STRESS, ...

- Repairing the human body, rare diseases, and ... RHUMART miracles?

- Reprogramming the body-brain-mind-spirit complex; repairing or creating new synapses; why do we need to sleep? The electrophysiology of the nervous system; introducing BAYES’ FORMULA to help select RHUMART parameters.

- Hidden power of RHUMART : Beyond psy’s words, individual neuronal signals,
  and components of human beings?

- Repairing DNA with signals generated by RHUMART Systems? 

- Socio-economic health in emerging countries; RHUMART accessible to all;
  and The F1-series of RHUMART systems.

- RHUMART fertility centre, clinic or home?

- The Universal RHUMART connection and  the scientific philosophy of life; the perfect resonance of the “physical vacuum”; electric lightning in bio-membranes; cell nutrition, metabolism, and growth; simplified neuroscience; and means to control inflammation in some 80 % of chronic health problems.

- RHUMART Advanced Neuroscience: historical intro and advanced education; including many beautiful photos, important drawings, and excerpts of unique PDF documents and pictures of Rodrol and RHUMART books; linking visible and invisible worlds; and Dr Drolet’s brief biography.

To buy this seemingly "unreal book" available from Apple's iTune,
just click on the following Link:


NOTE : the book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Books with interactive features may work best on an iOS device. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.

7. Highlights of Nov. 2004 FORBES' article, see <http://www.FORBES.com >

8. In 2017, should we increase our trust in ...

    Patients, Physicians, or Big Pharma ,,, to demonstrate
    The safety and Effectiveness of New Health

In order to help you answer this serious question, let us mention that the potential of genetic engineering to help control or resolve health problems and numerous diseases has largely been exaggerated, by many experts in recent years.

On the other hand, the role of epigenetics related to environmental factors has been well documented recently. However, the basic research related to the potential of PEMF therapies, like the RHUMART approach and systems, as an "epigenetic therapy" has not really been undertaken.

Nevertheless, considering the following actual results obtained by clinicians and owner-users of RHUMART systems since 1985, we recognise that the RHUMART approach has a well established potential to help patients afflicted by serious chronic health problems related to the five systems of the human body, namely : the Immune system and arthritis, blood Circulation, the Nervous system, the Locomotor system, and the digestive and endocrinesystems.

Get a real sens of these RHUMART Truths, by watching the authentic testimonials below, these RHUMART Results were confirmed in High Courts of Law, in Canada, by honest and convinced doctors like Dr. J. Charlebois, MD, and Dr. A.-M. Bégué-Simon, MD.


Video Introduction to Bioelectric-Medicine™
and the RHUMART holistic approach

Download the 2011 brochure on
The RHUMART Tesla-Shumann Resonance Regenrator!

Following is a glance at the results that have been obtained since 1980 by using this revolutionary alternative medecine of the 21st-century : in the form of authentic testimonials by twenty users, professionals, and a few brilliant disciples of Hippocrates presenting the results they obtained for different systems of the human body, organs, and physical (plus mental) conditions:

NOTE : the  language of many of the following videos is French, when clicking on the image, and English, when clicking on the video code following the picture of the person :

  • Immune system & arthritis : Video T32, t4,   Video T25, t6 ,    
    Video T11, t8
  • Circulation : Video T31, t6 Video ET2, t8 Video T22, t6Video T4, t3
  • Nervous system : Video T13, t5 , Video T17, t1 , Video TS2, t3 , Video ET2, t6 ;
  • Locomotor system : Video T21, t1 , Video T30, t5 , Video T20, t8 ,Video T10, t4 ;
  • Juvenile arthritis, digestion & terminal illnesses : Video T32, t4Video TS2, t3 , Video T10, t3 ;
  • Endocrine & 22 health problems? Video T23, t7 , Video T10, t2 , Video T19, t5 ,
  • With this original holistic approach, psychological, mental, and even spiritual aspects are taken into consideration to help people to improve their attitude towards their health and quality of life.



    Furthermore, even for the Following Rare Diseases,
    the so called "RHUMART Miracles", and for Extreme Cases,

    the RHUMART approach gave astonishing results, as reported in

    Chapter 3 of the book"Self-Medicine™ and RHUMART Miracles"

    (see pp. 93-101 of the book for details)
    - Rare forms of muscular dystrophy(in Canada, China, and the U.S.A. at the Mayo Clinic)

    - Advanced cases of AIDS (in Montreal)

    - Prostate cancer

    - Various ulcers (varicose, stomach)

    - “Elephant skin? ”

    - Shingles (Zona) (in eyes and extensive skin areas)

    - Broken clavicle (sky competition)

    - “Horse-racing-miracle” at Meadowland, U.S.A.,
        A $300 000 first prise

    - Hearing aid
        (no longer needed after 15 years of use!)

    - Peripheral nerve regeneration in three fingers
      (5 years after fingers totally severed from hand)

    - Human fertility: RHUMART twin girls (in Boston) and Bernard’s two miracles! 

    - Juvenile arthritis (son of Adelard Racine and Martin Couture) 

    - Ankylosing spondylitis, after 6 months in wheel chair (Gail Dahl’s case, Alberta)

    - Phantom limb (chronic pain!)  

    - A group of twenty-two health problems (Gertrude Harnois’s case)

    - Crohn's disease, and similar inflammatory problems

    - Five recent outstanding testimonialsfrom Canada and the U.S.A., 2009-11)

    - Just imagine the wide-ranging potential of the RHUMART health system?


    To buy this seemingly "unreal"  book,"Self-Medicine™ and RHUMART Miracles",

    available fromApple's iTune, just click on the following Link :


    9.  A Quick Tour of <http://www.RHUMART.com>
    This is a selection of documents giving an overview of RHUMART
    What it does, and how it does it.

    It features:

  • Video introduction to Rhumart
  • How it works: recap of the physiological effects
  • Amazing testimonial: Martin Couture, an extreme case of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Article : The Major Importance of Bioelectricity to the Future of Health, by Dr Roland A. Drolet, Ph.D.
  • The impact of the RHUMART® Auto-Santé™ System on the Frequency of Medical Consultations and Drug Consumption, by René Tounissoux, Consulting Sociologist, April 1993, including press release.
  • Press article : Positive Commentaries on Magnetic-Field Devices, by Danielle Bonneau
  • Blood Circulation and the Physiological Significance of its Improvement, by Dr. Marcos Casas-Cordero, Ph.D., N.D.
  • Testimonial by L. Plante, about back pain and several other health problems.
  • Does the Rhumart system work only on humans? Ask Dr Brian Reeves, DVM.
  • Abridged user's guide (17 pages) for Rhumart Self-Health systems.

  • 10. One-page summary of RHUMART "Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Therapy"
    - View the afollowing image:

    Inline images 1

    For the 354 page English version of this book,published in 1999, which includes an abstract of its contents, in 7 languages, click on the above underlined link.

    Below is the exact title of this Tome 9 of "The RHUMART Paradigm" series :

    Volume-9 En
    Towards a Planetary
    and Universal Culture
    Mikal’s World and the Zen-RHUMART Approach
    (including a Brief History of Life
    over the past 3000 years)

    12. "The Body Electric,
    Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life"
    (This is a ground breaking book written by Robert O. Becker, M.D.,
    and Gary Selden, Ed.: QUILL, William Marrow, New York, 1985)

    If you did not read Dr. Becker's book yet, you must treat yourself with this ground breaking and beautifully written book. It is a blessing for your heart and soul to read, and meditate on his extensive experiments, results, discussions and inspiring conclusions.

    His fundamental research career to understand the basic principles, and laws of natural bioelectricity, tissue repair and regeneration lasted over 30 years. He got a Nobel Price nomination,before he passed away, in 2008.

    Recently, Lloyd Burrell reviewed "The Body Electric ...".
    Essentially, here is what he says about Dr. Becker's book :
    "Robert O. Becker published his ground breaking book
    “The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life” in 1985.

    The Body Electric EMF by Robert Becker

    Robert O. Becker was no mister average. He was a U.S. orthopaedic surgeon working mainly as professor at Upstate Medical Center in State University of New York, and as Director of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Veterans Administration Hospital. So just an M.D.

    But his passion was bio electricity. That’s to say the relationship between electrical currents and living things. He was trying to understand what causes limb regeneration. He did lots of research cutting off limbs from frogs and salamanders etc. which is well covered in the book. And eventually he developed a widely accepted technique for stimulating bone healing using electrical stimulation.

    He didn’t know it at the time but the electrical signals he was detecting in the bodies of both animals and humans, were part of the body’s energy system. In his later book, Cross Currents, he spoke of a “data-transmission and control system” located in cells, transmitting information by means of a DC electrical current.

    He was way ahead of his time on this. He was way ahead of his time on the EMF question too. He elaborated with surprising clarity the dangers of exposure to electromagnetic fields. And he was very lucid (not to mention bold) in blaming the public’s ignorance of the potential dangers of EMFs fairly and squarely at the foot of the door of the vested interests.

    What I admire most was his honesty. At that time, and even today still, science was dominated by a mechanistic understanding of the body. His view was OK we may not understand it well, and it may not be a subject of study in mainstream medical research, but these healing processes are happening."

    Sadly Dr. Becker passed away in 2008 but not before getting a Nobel Prize nomination. This book goes a long way to bridging the gap between Eastern philosophies and modern science. It’s an entertaining read and a good way of gaining a better understanding of how your body works."

    We wish to stimulate your scientific curiosity by giving you the following
    titles of a few Chapters and Parts of his inspiring book:

    - Chapter 2 : The Embryo at the Wound

    - Chapter 3 : The Signs of the Miracle

    - Chapter 4 : Life's Potentials

    - Chapter 5 :The Current of Awareness

    - Chapter 6 :The Ticklish Gene(including : "Do-It-Yourself Dedifferentiation")

    - Part 3 : Our Hidden Healing Energy

    - Part 4 : The Essence of Life

    - Chapter 14 : Breathing with the Earth

    - Chapter 15 : Maxwell's Silver Hammer (including ; "Subliminal STRESS".
    To buy this seemingly "unreal book", just click on the following Link :


    13. The 7 Resonances of RHUMART Life Signals,
           and universal resonances

    Historical discovery

    When I was 5, in 1950, on my father's farm in Quebec city, I became aware that "something in our body (or Mind)" can effectively block pain, if only we make the right decision in a fraction of one second (I thought then, in less than one tenth of a second).

    This personal awareness came from an accident, in which I almost lost the index finger of my right hand.Please, allow me to report this "wonderful" and unplanned experience of mine.

    Briefly, I decided to pull the one-inch diameter rough rope, to help my oldest brother pull this long rope (allowing him to pull back the huge fork, about 1 foot wide by 3 feet long, used to grab a large chunk of the hay load, parked in the barn).

    Just when I firmly placed my little hand on that rope, near the lower pulley fixed to the wall of the barn, the 2000-pound horse suddenly went forward, instead of backward, and I suddenly realised that my right index finger was stocked in this big pulley (near the barn).
    As I was already looking at my hand, when the horse started to pull forward, a terrifying image came to my Mind, in which my whole hand and wrist had completely been destroyed by that pulley (about the width of my hand).

    I instantly decided (within less than one tenth of one second?) to sacrifice my stocked finger and save my whole hand and wrist: this in an extremely fast backward-motion of my whole body, while I instinctively placed my left hand at risk in the pulley (in a quick reflex motion to make sure that my right index finger would break off and stay in the big pulley).

    And ... It did worked, as my "unconscious survival instinct" allowed me to save my right hand and wrist. I then experienced a surge of excitement, pleasure and joy (impossible to put in words) as I looked at my hand and wrist, and moved my wrist around to make sure that it was really there and properly functioning.

    It was an ecstatic moment ! And in the same second, I realised that I had absolutely no pain in and around my crushed finger. I had the feeling that it was no longer part of my body, just a strip of crushed meet, although it was still attached to my right hand !

    Then, I thought "Why don't I feel any pain whatsoever in that hand?"
    I tried to knock the crushed flesh against sharp concrete corners,
    and felt joy again, feeling nothing in that bleeding finger flesh.

    I save you from the details of what I did following that "wonderful accident".
    But, I want to tell you the most important teachings from that life experience:
    At 5 years young, I concluded that their must be something in our body, or in our Mind, that can completely block pain? Either when we have too much pain or when we are excited after a great survival decision?
    It was only about 30 years later that the endorphins, those natural morphine synthesised in our body, were discovered. But, in my young Mind, it was absolutely certain that we were equipped with some kind of natural pain control capacity, even if all the medical doctors I met when I was 5, 7 or 10 years old, denied this conclusion of mine.

    They simply answered that I felt no pain because the nerves of my finger were destroyed, but I replied "what about the tissues surrounding my injured fingers? Shouldn't they feel pain due to the open wound of that crushed finger? Then, they all kept silent, not really knowing what to say.

    So, between the age of 5 and 10, I decided that I was better counting on myself to find acceptable answers to such unanswered questions. At that young age, I had already decided to study science and medicine, not really knowing what would be the best for me?
    Chronic pain, inflammation and arthritis and the Electrical Bladder Stimulator

    I personally suffered from these conditions for over five years. This is that tough period of my life that led me to the development of the RHUMART approach and systems. These tough health conditions began when I was developing the first working Urinary Bladder Stimulator or "pacemaker", during my M.A.Sc. project in biomedical engineering at the University of Toronto.

    Then, I succeeded in this optimisation project to develop the Bladder Pacemaker that was described in a scientific article, published in the British Journal of Urology, and later, in an article on the Bladder Control System in the journal of Medical and Biological Engineering.

    In this optimisation project, I realised that the optimal waveform and frequency for the electrical stimulation of muscles are closely related to the waveform of so called Action Potentials (APs) and to the frequency of these naturally occurring APs when these muscles contract.

    Universal Resonances and "The 7 Resonances of RHUMART Life Signals"
    Based on my earlier researches, I decided to develop a physiological PEMF system
    (for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field physiological stimulator) where the pulse waveform, amplitude, repetition rate, and modulationwould all be optimised to get the best possible physiological results.

    This resulted, after many years of research and practical developments of many bioelectric generators and types of applicators to what is now known, since 1980, as the RHUMART therapy system or the Quantum Resonance Self-Therapy (QRST) system, with the following unique combination of what I call 

    The 7 Resonances of RHUMART Life Signals

    1. The time constant τr (≈ 0.5 msec, millisecond) of the RHUMART pulse waveform (or approximately half the pulse-width of the nerve AP, Action Potential), defined on pages 36 to 39 of the RHUMART Journal, No.1, accessible from the following image:


    See also pp. 25-27 of the same Journal for a detailed discussion about this resonance.

    2. The "Peak Density",J (in the range of 20 μA / square cm) of induced electrical current: Using a MAXI or a pair of MAXI-2A applicator(s) properly positioned, and connected to a MBI-3000 or MBI-3003 RHUMART Regenerator  (with the Amplitude A ≈ 10).

    This "Peak Density" of induced current was measured in a very simple experiment reported at the bottom of page 55, and on 56 of said RHUMART Journal, No.1, it was found to be in the range of Ca++ current impulses, absolutely essential for the synaptic transmission of said "AP".

    Indeed, see p. 27 of the same Journal for the calculation of the "Peak Density" of electrical current impulses of Ca++ ions, which were found to be absolutely essential to allow the passage of nerve signals, AP, through the synapses of our nervous system: as calculated by myself, from a great scientific article by Dr. Llinás, M.D., Ph.D., in Sc.Am., Oct. 1982, pp. 56-58. 

    3. Tesla-Schumann Resonance Frequencies ...
        in Resonance with the Modulation of RHUMART Bioelectric Pulse Trains

    - See page 6 of the eBrochure, attached to this email, for a very interesting discussion of this real resonance with Tesla-Schumann Frequencies, or click here:

    4. Quantum Resonance at ± 4 Gauss
    (Peak Amplitude or D.C. Magnetic Field?)
    See the clip QM-2 of the Rodrol ABC series (NOTE #19, below),
    Now available by clicking on the following link:

    5. The average Magnetic Field of RHUMART impulse trains
            are in the range ... of the D.C. component of the Earth's magnetic field

    Indeed, the RHUMART magnetic field, integrated and averaged over time, is easily shown to be in the exact range of the Earth's magnetic field (of its D.C. component).

    This is easily shown by any physicist or mathematician, using the exact waveform, pulse repetition rates, and modulation frequency of the RHUMART pulse trains.
    When we integrated and averaged these pulse trains, we obtained average D.C. fields between zero and a few Gauss, or 0.25 to about 4 Gauss, naturally depending on the RHUMART Applicator, Amplitude, and Modulation frequency of pulse trains used.

    6. The Threshold of Human Sensitivity to
        RHUMART impulse trains, in regeneration mode
    In a 10-minute session using the Regeneration mode of RHUMART,
    with the bioelectric regenerator MBI-3000 or the MBI-3003, about 50%
    of people feel a tikelish sensation, where the RHUMART regenerative
    pulse train is applied, with the proper conditioning parameters ; except if
    the "patient" has too much inflammation
    in the treated region of the body.
    In the latter case, it could take 3, 5, 10, or even 20 to 30 regular global RHUMART
    sessions (at 3 to 6 per week), with the MAXI, or the MAXI-2A global ring applicators,
    using the MBI-3000 or the MBI-3003 bioelectric regenerator.

    7. Physical Resonances between RHUMART, people,
         Atoms, molecules, tissues, organisms, and whole Universes,
         Experimental Proof of bioelectric resonance with 16 people
    "Enlightened" in a MBI-1004 or MBI-3004 Super-TENS Group Session

    (a) Gross Visible Bioelectric Resonance

    You can see two video recordings (named "iRi-1" and "iRi-1 to 5")

    of a surprising  experiment, which is briefly described below.

    Also, you are invited to watch the following video clip, as an introduction to this  demonstration:

    In fact, we have shown that a group of 16 people can simultaneously be stimulated, showing active and visible muscle contractions, using something like the power of an electric rasor, using the optimised RHUMART type of bioelectric pulse trains.

    This experiment clearly indicates that the RHUMART type of bioelectric impulses, and impulse trains, are optimised in the most effective way, to produce muscles contractions in 16 people, with a ridiculously small amount of electrical energy.

    It seems likemost of themuscle contraction energy must come from the 16 people in the experiment ; and not only from this little MBI-1000RHUMART Bioelectric Regenerator?

    This is easily shown by connecting 4 groups of 4 people, holding hands side by side, the 1st and last person of each of the 4 groups, making a good contact with one of the two electrodes of each of the 4 channels. With this configuration of the 16 people, active and visible muscle contractions in the arms of the 16 peopleare observed.

    This was realised and filmed, as seen in the two video
    (named "iRi-1" and "iRi-1 to 5"), using the following system :

    - TheRHUMART miniaturised MBI-1000 Bioelectric Generator
    to supply the RHUMART pulse trains to :
    the 4-Channel MBI-1004 Super-TENS system, which has
    two components: the MBI-1004A and the MBI-1004B.

    (b) stimulation of ATP production with RHUMART bioelectric signals?

    For an introduction on this subject, see :

    For a detailed discussion about this, see the NOTE #20 below.

    (c) On Resonances between RHUMART, Atmospheric and Cellular
    atoms, molecules, tissues, organisms, and whole Universes

    For a more advance scientific introduction
    to atomic-to-universal resonances, you should  watch the following video clips of the Rodrol ABC series (on the Scientific Philosophy of Life), click on the Links:

    - On Rodrol Electrophysiology, plus
      Atmospheric and Cellular Lightning, see

    For an introduction to Quantum Mechanics, see

            - Clip QM-1: https://youtu.be/qJ-J7Jz6gUs

    - For Magnetic Resonances & RHUMART Therapy, see

    - For a Scientific intro toQuantum mechanics (1905 to 2016), see

    - The Universal Resonance at the origin of Time, which
      is spontaneously generated
    by ± electrical charge distributions, 

      on each of two //-plates or on a pair of flat //-rings of ± charges
      of positive and negative signs on facing plates (or rings).

             See the following video clip, titled "Sources of EM Waves
             & Life Waveforms"
    , for a Visual and Classical Physics

      demonstration of the generation of whole spectrum of
      Electromagnetic (EM) waves
    , including Visible Light,
      Schumann Resonance frequencies, and even γ-Rays
      and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves:

    14. Resonance of Consciousnesses (on the same wave lengths!)

    First, I want to mention the phenomenon recently known as Transference, which occur when two people are experiencing a global RHUMART session, in the same EM Field, using a pair of MAXI-2A applicators, as shown in the US Patent No 5 620 463, which is accessible from the last page of the 10-page eBrochure, by clicking on the following Link :
    Then, just think of the following groups of people that can be viewed

    as being in resonance of consciousness (or, on the same wavelengths?) :

    - the historic Buddha and his disciples, friends,
      and followers of the Past, Present, and Future

    - Jesus of Nazareth and his followers of all times

    - Albert Einstein and the Physicists of all times who follow his spiritual principles

    - all spiritual guides, masters and groups aligned on the same philosophy.
    Think of atoms, molecules, organisms, plants, animals, celestial bodies,
    stars, galaxies, and whole universes (micro- and macro-scopic) that can be
    viewed as being in physical resonances because they obey the universal Laws
    of the "Grand Nature" (that many prefer to call God) ;

    15. An Important document on PEMF Therapies (in French)
     "Les Champs Magnétiques Pulsés, Votre Solution Santé !"
    This is Intended to any suffering person or family who wish to improve his/her
    Quality of Life, using a RHUMART or a good PEMF health system.

    This French document is graciously available, from Rodrol University,
    upon request of people or family in great need of a PEMF system.

    16. Anti-Inflammatory and RHUMART Therapy,

     Electro-Spiritual (ES) Meditation, and Intro to Holistic Sciences

    For great introductions to these subjects, click on the Links:

    For a general intro
    of the three subjects, see :

    To learn about the physiological benefits of Meditation, see

    About ES-Meditation and Anti-Inflammatory Therapy, see

    17. Live to be 120, Repair DNA, and Replace organs?
             Or Stimulate Regeneration to Improve"The Body Electric"?

    In a recent article from National Geographic, An interesting article about man's dream of Eternal Life of our body, and the huge investments, presently made by a few billionaires (American, Russian, and Chinese) to revive the dreams of the antiquity, like that of the Sumerian King Gilgamesh.

     It's OK to spend a billion US dollars or more, on artificial organs, nanotechnologies, nanomedicine, artificial intelligence. Not to talk about functional robots to perform various tasks, like the Japanese have successfully developed.

    However, we think that it would be much less expensive, and risky, to invest in already proven methods related to bioelectricity and natural regeneration methods, with presently available wellness devices such as PEMF therapy systems

    In particular, using the RHUMART approach and the various types of applicators developped and proven safe and effective for hundreds of acute or chronic conditions, diseases or health problems, as reported herein, and in two extensive websites: <http://www.RHUMART.com> .

     (Ref.: National Geographic, August 2016, and Dr. R.O. Becker's book)

    The Importance of Physical Exercises
          Pierre Lavoie Challenge, Karate kids, and "FORBES' Life Style"

     How to invest in the Prevention of diseases and health problems?

    Like those caused by obesity, lack of exercises, and old age, for example.

    The Pierre Lavoie Challenge, in Quebec, Canada, is an inspiring example to make people move (walking, jogging, running, or riding bicycles). And to rise money for the Prevention, research, and treatment of various diseases.

    For a Brief History of the "Pierre Lavoie Challenge", see

    Instead of treating symptoms, we must work at the roots of health problems, do regular physical exercises, eat well, and have a satisfying social life to strengthen our immune system.
    USA : obesity and health problems, Big Pharma's or polititians' responsibility?
    Higher spending in health care doesn't necessary mean better health, Quality of Life and happiness. The American case is striking when we consider the money they spend and the poor results they often get for astronomical investment.
    Parkinson disease and karate in Canada
    In 2016, in the Ottawa region, a retired karate trainer who was diagnosed in 2007 to have Parkinson disease, and was degrading, like most cases, decided to graciously offer karate training to other old people afflicted with Parkinson.
    In October 2016, 9 years after his initial diagnosis, while all practically the patients diagnosed in 2007 were in worst condition, he and his "Parkinson's" karate trainees were improving their condition with regular classes with their gracious karate trainer.
    These life results draw the attention of the media (as reported by Radio-Canada TV, on evening news of October 16, 2016), and the generous "Old Karate Kid", will probably interest scientific and medical researchers to confirm the potential of his "Karate-Kid"approach.
    The inspiring results of these Old Karate Kids are not really surprising, considering the results obtained with the Pierre Lavoie Challenge and those published in FORBES'article, cited above.
    And, as you should be convinced by now, people of all ages could improve their Mobility and Quality of Life by taking regular sessions of RHUMART physical conditioning, in the confort of their home, in some kind of RHUMART Health Club, Health Centre, or "21st-Century Medical Clinic". The RHUMART approach is most important for people suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases, as reported herein.

    19. Titles & Links to the 27 Clips of the "Rodrol ABC series"     

    The 3 main subjects of these clips are:

    - The Scientific Philosophy of Life
    - The RHUMART Approach and Therapy, and
    - what could be named "Scientific Buddhism"

    Links to Rodrol A-series of video clips

    Preface 1: PEMF & RHUMART therapy, Wellness Devices,
    and the Origin & Development of Life on Earth, see

    Preface 2: Our Universe from the Big-Bang?
    And what are the kinds of Energies around us? see

    - clip A0: General Introduction on Holistic Sciences, see


    - clip A1: The Benefits of Meditation, see

    - clip A2: Holistic Sciences, RHUMART,

    Electro-Spiritual™ Meditation or Therapy? see

    - clip A3:
    Rodrol Electro-Physiology, Atmospheric and Cellular Lightning,
    Stimulation of ATP Production, see

    And, for a demonstration of Active Muscle Contractions (in 16 adults, simultaneously), using Optimised bioelectric Pulse Trains, generated by the miniature MBI-1000 RHUMART system (with MBI-1004 A & B, Super-TENS units), you can see the two DVDs, iRi-1 and iRi 1 to 5, available on request from Rodrol University.

    - clip A4: Souces of all EM Waves & Life Waveforms

    - clip A5:Documentation Linking Science, RHUMART,
         and Buddhism, Plus contact #s. See

    Links to Rodrol B-series of video clips

    Intro 1: Wisdom at 5 and The AS9 Connexion?
    (with François Drolet), see

    Intro 2: Terminology, Buddhism, and RHUMART
    (with François Drolet), see

    Intro 3: Wisdom at 5, 11, or 72 ?
    (with Josée-Anne Drolet), see

    Intro 4: Best Introduction to Rodrol ABC series,
    and "Rodrol 7 Golden Rules”
    (with Josée-Anne Drolet), see 

    - Clip B1: The 18 Unshared Attributes of Buddhas, see

    - Clip B2: The Scientific Philosophy of Life
    Back to the Son-Sun, and ... the N.Y. World Trade Center?

    - Clip B3: The Scientific Philosophy of Life
      12 types of phenomena -- advance intro, see

    - Clip B4: The Scientific Philosophy of Life
    Molecular Velocities in Earth's atmosphere

    - Clip B5: The Scientific Philosophy of Life
      Elasticity & Ionization of Hydrogen

    - Clip B6: The Scientific Philosophy of Life
      17 basic laws of nature

    - Clip B7: Concepts of Quantum Mechanics III, see

    - Clip B8: The Scientific Philosophy of Life
      MKS-Coulomb System of Units, see

    - Clip B9: The Scientific Philosophy of Life:
      The 7 Golden Rules to save 33% on Health Costs, see

    - Clip B10: Documentation Linking Science, RHUMART,
       and Buddhism, Plus contact #s. See

    Links to Rodrol C-series of video clips

    - Clip C1, or QM-1:
      Basic Concepts of Quantum Mechanics I, see

    - Clip C2, or QM-2: Hyperfine Energy Levels in Hydrogen,
      Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
      and RHUMART Therapy, see

    - Clip C3, or QM-3: Rodrol Quantum Mechanics,

      EM-Spring Universes, and Einstein's General Relativity, see

    - Clip C4, or QM-4: Introduction to Cosmology
    and Astrophysics, see

    - Clip C5, or QM-5: Einstein General Relativity,
      Dirac, Bohm, Rodrol & Feynman on
    Matter, Antimatter and Photons, see

    - Clip C6, or QM-6: Quantum mechanics (1905 to 2016)

    - Clip C7, or QM-7: Documentation Linking Science, RHUMART,
          and Buddhism, Plus contact #s. See


    20. Introduction to Cell Nutrition, Metabolism, and Growth, Indirect       Stimulation of ATP Production with RHUMART optimised bioelectric signals.

    Macromolecules are assembledfrom their respective subunits: proteins from amino acids, nucleic acids from nucleotides, polysaccharides from simple sugars, and lipids from glycerol or other alcohols, fatty acids, and (in phospholipids) special subunits such as choline.

    In every case, the condensation of subunits to form a macromolecule requires that the subunit be activated – i.e., coupled by means of a suitable energy-rich bond to a substituent group such as phosphate (P), pyrophosphate (PP), adenosine monophosphate (AMP), or coenzyme A (CoA). The energy of the activating group’s linkage then provides the energy needed for condensation, and the activating group is split off in the process.

    In general, the ultimate source of activating groups is adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

    The arrangement (sequence) of subunits in the ultimate macromolecule
    is determined in one of two ways:

    In nucleic acids and in proteins, it is template-directed: DNA serves as the template for its own synthesis (complementary branches of the unrolled DNA-spiral are formed and these branches unite to form the new DNA molecule). DNA also serves for the synthesis of the various types of RNA; messenger RNA serves as the template for the synthesis of proteins.

    In carbohydrates and lipids, on the other hand, the arrangement of subunits is entirely determined by enzyme specificity.

    Given these systems for the orderly and directed condensation of subunits, the principal functions of metabolism are seen to require three factors: (1) - to generate the subunits themselves from intermediate metabolism. (2) - To generate ATP from adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and inorganic phosphate and (3) - to generate reducing power (as NADP.H2) for those instances in which the substrates taken from the medium are more oxidised than the overall products of biosynthesis.

    (1) Generating the subunits of macromolecules
    The subunits of macromolecules are fatty acids, monosaccharides, amino acids, purines, and pyrimidines. All of these may be furnished by the medium. Many microorganisms can synthesise the required subunits from suitable sources of carbon (e.g., glucose), nitrogen (e.g., ammonia) and sulfur (e.g., sulfate). HOWEVER, all biosynthetic pathways are under NEGATIVE END PRODUCT REGULATION, including both repression of enzyme synthesis and inhibition of enzyme action, so that subunits are not synthesised if they are available in the medium. The availability of subunits is greatly increased by the action of specific transport systems in cell membranes that can produce internal concentrations of subunits 100- or 1000-fold over the external concentration (in the case of microbial cell membranes, for example). In the case of microbial cells, when a subunit is not available, the cells synthesise it as mentioned above. 

    (2) Generating ATP (see the video Clip A3 above, for the role of ATP
    There are two general mechanisms for generating ATP by nonphotosynthetic organisms: substrate phosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation. In both cases, bond energy from a metabolic intermediate is used to create a molecule of ATP from ADP and inorganic phosphate (Pi).

    Substrate phosphorylation: this term is used to describe the two steps in the so called “Embden-Meyerhov” pathway through which an energy-rich phosphate bond is created.

    For details, see the 14th edition (Lange Medical Publications) of the book: Review of Medical Microbiology by E. Jawetz, Ph.D., MD, J.L. Melnick, Ph.D, and A.E. Adelberg, Ph.D.

    Electron transport phosphorylation: in respiration, pairs of electrons are transported from an ultimate electron donor (such as NADH) to an ultimate electron acceptor (such as O2).

    This respiration process involves an electron transport chain in which electrons are passed sequentially from one electron carrier to another of increasing oxidation-reduction potential. This electron transport system is very similar to the ping-pong ball electron carrier described earlier in this chapter.

    A typical chain might be as shown on page 63 of the above-mentioned Review of Medical Microbiology (where the arrows denote the passages of electrons and the numbers in parentheses are the approximate oxidation-reduction potentials in volts (or electron-Volts, eV, since we are talking about the electrical potential associated with electrons).

    Without going into all the details of this chain of electron transport carriers (namely flavoprotein, quinone, and cytochromes b, c and a), I observe that the difference in successive oxidation-reduction potentials is always a multiple of about 0.07 eV (electron-volt), plus or minus 0.01 eV, well within the accuracy of oxidation-reduction potentials, as measured under standard conditions --- 25 oC, all reactants at 1.0 M, pH 7.0. Indeed, from page 63 of the cited (Review of Medical Microbiology), we have, for the difference in successive oxidation-reduction potentials:

    For (NAD ---> Flavoprotein),              Δ (eV) ≈ 2 x 0.06 eV ;

    For (Flavoprotein ---> Quinone),         Δ (eV) ≈ 2 x 0.07 eV ;

    For (Quinone ---> Cytochrome b),       Δ (eV) ≈ 0.08 eV ;

    For (Cytochrome b --> Cytochrome c), Δ (eV) ≈ 3 x 0.07 eV ;

    For (Cytochrome c --> Cytochrome a), Δ (eV) ≈ 2 x 0.06 eV ;

    And, for (Cytochrome a --> O2), Δ (eV) ≈ 7 x 0.07 eV !To me, this observation is extremely important in relation to the basic electricity presented in the above mentioned book, "Self-Medicine™ and RHUMART Miracles". Especially when we think of Millikan's experiment, when he first measured the electrical charge of a single electron, in 1905.

    In his experiment, Millikan used very small oil droplets floating between the 2 plates of a parallel-plate capacitor, he realised that the charge carried by one droplet (driven by a 2000 DC voltage applied many times successively in both directions, and noting the time for the droplet to go back and forth) was always a multiple of the electron charge, 1.602 x 10 (to the power -19) Coulomb.

    Here, we realise that the energy transported by the five successive carriers is always a multiple of 0.07 eV. That is precisely the energy gained by an electron when accelerated across a transmembrane potential of 70 mV, or 0.07 Volt: precisely 0.07 eV!

    We conclude that the production of ATP by means of Electron Transport Phosphorylation is in quasi-perfect resonance with the cell membrane lightning processes discussed at length in our book "Self-Medicine™ and RHUMART Miracles".

    This means that indirect stimulation of ATP production with RHUMART® bioelectric signals is achieved through facilitating the transmission of AP (Action Potentials) across synaptic junctions of the nervous system (see NOTE #12 for details).

    As for cell nutrition, growth and division, as we discussed in the same book, the unidirectionality of many cell transport mechanisms causes cell to intake essential nutriments and sub-units of macromolecules and to eliminate waste products of metabolism, to grow, and eventually, cause cells to divide and multiply.

    Indeed, a simple explanation of cell division could be that the newly duplicated DNA macromolecule has the same overall electrical charge (either positive or negative) as its mother DNA cell, causing the two helical DNA macromolecules (when rolled in a kind of “chromosome ball), to repel each other, forcing the mother cell to elongate and, eventually, to divide into two well-equipped cells. Voila.

    21. A Brief Message to Dr. William Pawluk, M.D.

    Dear Dr. Pawluk, I respectfully invite you to rise above marketing considerations in your approach to diffuse "PEMF Devices" or "PEMF Therapy". As I understood you didn't seem to be willing to do so, a few years ago, in your response to the letter reported in Chapter 10 of my recent book titled

    "Self-Medicine™ and RHUMART Miracles : the Rebirth of Electro-medicine"

    To buy this book, available from Apple's iTune, just click on the following Link :
    NOTE : the book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Books with interactive features may work best on an iOS device. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.

    Dr. Pawluk, I ask you this, for the benefit of all American citizens and doctors, because I really think you underestimated them in your response to my letter just mentioned.
    Nevertheless, I wish to congratulate you for the indefatigable energy that you already invested for the diffusion of many kinds of PEMF devices.

    22. Concluding on The 3 Pillars to save 35% on Health Costs

    Let us recall the highlights or main topics related to the 3 Pillars discussed herein.
    Hoping to stimulate your curiosity to deepen and widen your knowledge about what we
    consider the essential components of an integrative approach to help humanity improve
    over the present degenerative conditions of the health and happiness of billions of people.


    1. Clean Living (CL, FORBES, Nov. 2004), RHUMART Therapy, http://www.RHUMART.com,
    and the 3M factors for health recovery. For details on see the RHUMART Journal No 1, pp 23-24, 1992), and http://www.rhumart.com/pdf/En/Rhumart-1c1-En.pdfView PDF documentThe Art of Self-Healing (1c1)

    2. Medication Reduction Therapies (MRTs). For details on this, see the two following links:

    View PDF document C.R.O.P. Survey of the Rhumart Clientèle

    and http://www.rhumart.com/library/document/?d=/En/Rhumart-1c4-En.pdf

    (CROP Report : The Impact of Rhumart on the use of medication and medical doctors)

    For example, consider the following approaches
    - Chinese's - Hippocrates's - RHUMART's - ICIM's - Pierre Lavoie's & François Drolet's.

    try to see how these approaches complement each other for the best of humanity.

    3. Rodrol's 7 Golden Rules
    (7 GRs):
    - the 7 laws of Self-Care - physical and mental exercises - quick action in emergencies

    - reduce medication - eat well - enjoy life - adopt the RHUMART approach to improve
       the immune system, and help control over 80% of health problems.

    - For an important video reminder ... 

    - Click on the Link below for clip # B9 of the Rodrol ABC series:

    B9: https://youtu.be/kTCHWYZYmJY

    (Clip B9 is on "The 7 Golden Rules to help reduce health costs by some 33 %)

    23. Rodrol's "Nobel Dream" ... beyond "Spontaneous Remissions"

    We support a second nomination of late

    Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. (Syracuse, N.Y., 1923-2008),

    For a Nobel Prize, according to the Rules of the Swedish Noble Organisation.

    Rodrol's background about Nobel Prizes

    As early as the summer of 1965, after my 2nd year studying Engineering Physics at Laval University, when I designed many experiments to teach the reality of electrical charges, capacitors, and currents ...
    - in various solids like metals, semi-conductors, wood, paraffin etc.,
    - and in gases, like those present in the atmosphere, and around us,

    These new experiments were intended for Electrical Engineering students at Laval University,

    Professor Georges Hall who was my supervisor or "employer" for my summer job, told me, after I demonstrated him the "real possibility" of Eternal Motion, without any visible power supply, that he could see, he was so enthusiastic that he stayed silent for a moment, and said "Maybe, we are on a path to a Noble Prize"!

    I had carefully hidden the little High Voltage power supply that maintain an electrically charged "Ping-Pong ball Pendulum"oscillating without decaying, between the two plates of a //-plates capacitor. So, I told Dr. Hull that the time was not quite ripe for us to submit our results! ... And then, I told him ... about my ... Secret Power Supply!

    About 25 years later, around 1990, when an adult man who suffered terrible life conditions and was "seriously" considering suicide. This was before he discovered the RHUMART system and approach, that allowed him to regain a good Quality of Life, and live happily.

    Later in the same year, in front of an audience of about 1400 people, at a public RHUMART conference, held in the Quebec City Hilton Hotel, he affirmed that he would have killed himself if the RHUMART solution was not there for him.

    And, he sent us a written testimonial in which he affirmed that a "Nobel Prize should be awarded to the inventor of the great "RHUMART machine", as reported in page 346 of the following book, accessible by following this Link :

    Which book is presented in NOTE-11 above.
    This was the second time that somebody thought I should be awarded a Nobel Prize.
    Wow! Wow! I was really happy of such a recognition by a grateful user of RHUMART Therapy.
    But, I was so busy in 1990, and I felt I had better things to do than spending time to consider a nomination for a Nobel Prize. I thought, I should think about such a nomination, if only it could help the People of the Worldrealise the full potential of the RHUMART Approach and systems.

    Hence, contributing to the Health, Quality of Life and Happiness of a large fraction of the suffering humanity. This was 27 years ago !

    Now, even 52 years after my first Nobel Dream,

    I never forgot it
    In 2017, considering the present pledge for a healthier and happier World, I strongly believe that the time is ripe for a huge step. That is, to diffuse the enormous potential of the RHUMART Approach and systems. These systems have been available since 1980.

    First in Canada, now in about 22 countries on the 5 Continents. But, in 2017, RHUMART systems are not used to their full potential. Also, they are not used by enough people to make an important shift of awareness for the benefits of humanity and Life on Earth.

    In fact, the suffering population afflicted with major chronic health problems,
    and the general population need to be informed about the potential of the
    RHUMART Method for improving their Health and Quality of Life,
           using the Holistic RHUMART Approach and systems, and/or 
           any safe and effective wellness method or system.

    Before concluding this scientific pledge, we wish
    to give you three brief descriptions of 

    The RHUMART Approach and System.

    First, What is the RHUMART system?
    It is a scientific tool to help improve our
    Neurological Circuits of Awareness, 
    By inducing Physiological effects.
    As experienced by real people.

    Secondly, for a 10-page eBrochure (in English), including links to
    a 3-minute
    Video Presentation and the US Patent No 5 620 463 :
    see the attached file, .

    Finally, for a 1-page presentation (in French and Arab languages),
    see the following image

    Inline images 1

    we wish that a "Nobel UNIVERSITY", like,
    The University of Toronto, Laval University?
    Princeton University, a New England university,
    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the M.I.T.),
    or one in agreement with the goals mentioned herein?

    WILL PRESENT AND SUPPORT a 2nd nomination
    of Late Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. (Syracuse, N.Y.),

    For a Nobel Prize, according to
    the Rules of the Swedish Noble Organisation.

    We warmly invite the following persons
    to support the suggested nomination:

    Dr. Sajad Zalzala
    , M.D.,
    Dr. Randy Livine, Psy., Ph.D., Dr. A.-M. Begué-Simon, M.D.,
    Dr. Annie Marquier, Ph.D., Louise McMurray, M.Sc., Psy., 
    M. Pierre Lavoie of the "Pierre Lavoie Challenge",
    M. François Drolet, Olympic Gold Medalist
         (in Short Track Speed Skating, Nagano, 1998).
    And M. Jean-François Bohémier, P. Eng., (Québec City).

    Make your comments or suggestions
    related to this scientific document by emailing 
    them to me and, please, kept them strictly confidential.
    My email address is : < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

    Hoping to read you soon.

    With best regards,
    Dr. Roland A. Drolet, Ph.D.
    Messages : (514) 243-7769
    <http://www.Rodrol.org> and <http://www.Rhumart.com>

    2 attachments
    1626K ViewScan and download
    2556K ViewScan and download


    RHUMART Self-Health Without Borders

    RHUMART Self-health without borders is an alternative form of medicine that is pain-killing, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative. 

    Here is an outline by Dr. Jean Charlebois, M.D., a brilliant general practitioner who, after 25 years practicing medicine in Quebec, seven years using the RHUMART system in his clinic, and two years with the Bioelectric-Medicine™ team, understands and eloquently expresses the potential of this new and revolutionary form of alternative medicine.  To meet Dr. J. Charlebois, MD, and listen to his brief outline, please click on the following link : (in French, click on the image) Video T19, t5 (click on Text for the English version).  

    It is also important to mention that, contrary to contemporary medical approaches in America, Europe, and elsewhere, RHUMART’s holistic approach gives a sense of active involvement, control, and responsibility to the owner-user of this Self-Health™ bioelectric system, as evidenced in this convincing discourse (presently in French only) by Dr. A.M. Bégué-Simon, M.D. (born in France and an “expert in medical and paramedical disciplines” for the Paris Court of Appeal (Cour d'Appel de Paris) : to listen to her original discourse (in French), click on the link : Video 6N, t3.

    This approach actively involves the owner-users of the RHUMART system by “teaching them how to select the configuration and the parameters of cellular conditioning”. For a detailed tachnical document on this unique RHUMART approach and system, you may download the complete US Patent, No: 5 620 463, simply by clicking on its following title:  “Electrophysiological Conditioning System and Method”. This method of bioelectric self-therapy brings about essential physiological effects and promotes better communication between all basic ''components" of the person, including the physical body and brain, the mind and the spirit.

    This multidisciplinary approach is based on more than 30 years of experience (since 1978) and results obtained by thousands of people who suffered from numerous health problems including more than a hundred chronic illnesses.

    Hundreds of illnesses, which we have arbitrarily classified under some twenty conventional ''medical specialties", can be challenge with the RHUMART’s holistic approach.

    Using the RHUMART approach, patients are directly involved in improving their health and quality of life. This, after a short training period to learn the proper methods for using the Self-Health™ RHUMART system. Then they are ready to take care of themselves with this holistic view of their human condition!


    RHUMART Testimonials on
    Arthritis and over 50 other health problems!
    Video T10, t2

    Jeannine Constantin, Duration: 4 min
    Callosities, Circulation (hands), Insensibility (fingers), Nails, Psoriasis, Raynaud's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatic, Sciatic Nerve

    Video T11, t8

    Noël Desjardins, Duration: 5 min
    Arthritis, Fibromyositis, Fibromyositis (Fibromyalgia), Herniated Disc, Paralysis (epidural), Rheumatism, Service

    Video T11, t9

    Bernadette Blais, Duration: 3 min
    Arthritis, Cramps (legs), Discouragement, Headaches, Heartburn, Heatburn, Inactivity, Insomnia, Stomac (burning Feeling), Stomac (hearburn), Stomac (heartburn), Unable To Walk, Wish To Die

    Video T12, t10

    Marcel Derenne, Duration: 4 min
    Asthma, Family, Osteoarthritis, Patience, Scoliosis, Sinusitis, Ventolin

    Video T13, t5

    Bernadette Blais, Duration: 3 min
    Arthritis, Burns (stomac & Thorax), Cramps, Depression, Healthy Old Age, Heartburn, Inactivity, Insomnia, Prosthesis Avoided, Stomac (hearburn), Wish To Die

    Video T16, t2

    Hélène Michaud, Duration: 3 min
    Arthritis, Broken Arm, Multiple Sclerosis, Numbness

    Video T19, t5

    J. Charlebois - MD, Duration: 3 min
    Clients, Efficiency, Health Problems, Help As Many People As Possible, Immune System, New Basis For Physiopathology, Researchers In Medicine, Rethinking Medicine, Revolution In Medicine, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Self-distructive Disease

    Video T20, t7

    Jean Charlebois, Duration: 8 min
    Back Pain, Bursitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Musculoskeletal Problems, Plantar Fasciitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sprains, Tendinitis

    Video T21, t1

    Noël Desjardins, Duration: 3 min
    Fibromyositis, Fibromyositis (Fibromyalgia), Herniated Disc, Severe Ostheoarthritis

    Video T21, t2

    Omer Hamel, Duration: 3 min
    Bowel Problem, Gastroenteritis, Osteoarthritis, Prostate

    Video T22, t6

    Rollande Lefrançois, Duration: 4 min
    Arthritis, Atherosclerosis, Osteoarthritis

    Video T22, t8

    Cécile Fecteau, Duration: 11 min
    Broken Pelvis, Broken Ribs, Fractures, Hip Plate, Hip Plate And Screw, Left Lung, Metal Hip, Osteoarthritis, Pneumothorax, Rheumatism

    Video T25, t4

    André Bureau, Duration: 6 min
    Animals (herniated Disc), Clogged Artery, Crohn's Disease, Degenerative Discopathic Arthritis, Diabetes, Foot Surgery, Infact, Low Back Problems, Magnetized Water

    Video T25, t6

    J. Charlebois - MD, Duration: 7 min
    Arthritis, Blocking Of The Neural System, Cause Of The Disease, Causes Of Rheumatism, Cellular Level, Circulation, Degenerative Chronic Diseases, Doctors Deal With Disease, Food, Immune System, J. Charlebois - MD, Living Proofs, Medications, Modern Lifestyle, Pills, Pollution, Questionnaire, Regenerate Tissues, Results, Rheumatism, Rhumatoid Arthritis

    Video T26, t5

    Jean Charlebois, Duration: 4 min
    Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Video T26, t7

    Adélard Racine, Duration: 3 min
    Arthritis, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Video T31, t5

    Marie-Paule Dion, Duration: 2 min
    Arthritis, Rheumatism, Sore Throat

    Video T32, t4

    Martin Couture, Duration: 2 min
    Anemia, Crohn's Disease, Heartburns, Hip Cartilage, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pericarditis

    Video T8, t5

    Monique Aubut, Duration: 7 min
    Aspirin, Breast Tumor, Career, Epilepsy, Heart Rate, Juvenile Arthritis, Newborn Baby, Surgery Avoided, Thrombophlebitis


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