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RHUMART Health without borders (2011)

RHUMART Self-health without borders is an alternative form of medicine that is pain-killing, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative. 

Here is an outline by Dr. Jean Charlebois, M.D., a brilliant general practitioner who, after 25 years practicing medicine in Quebec, seven years using the RHUMART system in his clinic, and two years with the Bioelectric-Medicine™ team, understands and eloquently expresses the potential of this new and revolutionary form of alternative medicine.  To meet Dr. J. Charlebois, MD, and listen to his brief outline, please click on the following link : (in French, click on the image) Video T19, t5 (click on Text for the English version).  

It is also important to mention that, contrary to contemporary medical approaches in America, Europe, and elsewhere, RHUMART’s holistic approach gives a sense of active involvement, control, and responsibility to the owner-user of this Self-Health™ bioelectric system, as evidenced in this convincing discourse (presently in French only) by Dr. A.M. Bégué-Simon, M.D. (born in France and an “expert in medical and paramedical disciplines” for the Paris Court of Appeal (Cour d'Appel de Paris) : to listen to her original discourse (in French), click on the link : Video 6N, t3.

This approach actively involves the owner-users of the RHUMART system by “teaching them how to select the configuration and the parameters of cellular conditioning”. For a detailed tachnical document on this unique RHUMART approach and system, you may download the complete US Patent, No: 5 620 463, simply by clicking on its following title:  “Electrophysiological Conditioning System and Method”. This method of bioelectric self-therapy brings about essential physiological effects and promotes better communication between all basic ''components" of the person, including the physical body and brain, the mind and the spirit.

This multidisciplinary approach is based on more than 30 years of experience (since 1978) and results obtained by thousands of people who suffered from numerous health problems including more than a hundred chronic illnesses.

Hundreds of illnesses, which we have arbitrarily classified under some twenty conventional ''medical specialties", can be challenge with the RHUMART’s holistic approach.

Using the RHUMART approach, patients are directly involved in improving their health and quality of life. This, after a short training period to learn the proper methods for using the Self-Health™ RHUMART system. Then they are ready to take care of themselves with this holistic view of their human condition!


 RHUMART Health, Arthritis, etc...

“Rapid Aging Syndrome” or Electro-hypersensitivity

and Electromagnetic Pollution?

In 2011, Dr Magda Havas, Ph.D. (from the University of Toronto) and Robert Connolli have travelled all over Europe and America to find the most effective PEMFs systems on the world market. They were hoping to help control various health problems like arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, the so called “Rapid Aging Syndrome” developed by numerous Electro-hypersensitive people when subjected to Electropollution from Radio and Microwave frequencies (emitted by cellular phones, high power antennas and various Wi-Fi emissions).

The following video is an excellent introduction to this modern electromagnetic pollution problem and to the best known solutions, using bioelectricity and PEMF devices, to help prevent and control this “Rapid Aging Syndrome” and various inflammatory health problems including all types of arthritis.

Please watch Dr Magda Havas' video entitled “Rapid Aging Syndrome : just click on the link!

14:32 Miniature
  Rapid Aging Syndrome,

(vodeo de 14 minutes 32 sec., en anglais)


RHUMART Testimonials on
Arthritis and over 50 other health problems!
Video T10, t2

Jeannine Constantin, Duration: 4 min
Callosities, Circulation (hands), Insensibility (fingers), Nails, Psoriasis, Raynaud's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatic, Sciatic Nerve

Video T11, t8

Noël Desjardins, Duration: 5 min
Arthritis, Fibromyositis, Fibromyositis (Fibromyalgia), Herniated Disc, Paralysis (epidural), Rheumatism, Service

Video T11, t9

Bernadette Blais, Duration: 3 min
Arthritis, Cramps (legs), Discouragement, Headaches, Heartburn, Heatburn, Inactivity, Insomnia, Stomac (burning Feeling), Stomac (hearburn), Stomac (heartburn), Unable To Walk, Wish To Die

Video T12, t10

Marcel Derenne, Duration: 4 min
Asthma, Family, Osteoarthritis, Patience, Scoliosis, Sinusitis, Ventolin

Video T13, t5

Bernadette Blais, Duration: 3 min
Arthritis, Burns (stomac & Thorax), Cramps, Depression, Healthy Old Age, Heartburn, Inactivity, Insomnia, Prosthesis Avoided, Stomac (hearburn), Wish To Die

Video T16, t2

Hélène Michaud, Duration: 3 min
Arthritis, Broken Arm, Multiple Sclerosis, Numbness

Video T19, t5

J. Charlebois - MD, Duration: 3 min
Clients, Efficiency, Health Problems, Help As Many People As Possible, Immune System, New Basis For Physiopathology, Researchers In Medicine, Rethinking Medicine, Revolution In Medicine, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Self-distructive Disease

Video T20, t7

Jean Charlebois, Duration: 8 min
Back Pain, Bursitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Musculoskeletal Problems, Plantar Fasciitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sprains, Tendinitis

Video T21, t1

Noël Desjardins, Duration: 3 min
Fibromyositis, Fibromyositis (Fibromyalgia), Herniated Disc, Severe Ostheoarthritis

Video T21, t2

Omer Hamel, Duration: 3 min
Bowel Problem, Gastroenteritis, Osteoarthritis, Prostate

Video T22, t6

Rollande Lefrançois, Duration: 4 min
Arthritis, Atherosclerosis, Osteoarthritis

Video T22, t8

Cécile Fecteau, Duration: 11 min
Broken Pelvis, Broken Ribs, Fractures, Hip Plate, Hip Plate And Screw, Left Lung, Metal Hip, Osteoarthritis, Pneumothorax, Rheumatism

Video T25, t4

André Bureau, Duration: 6 min
Animals (herniated Disc), Clogged Artery, Crohn's Disease, Degenerative Discopathic Arthritis, Diabetes, Foot Surgery, Infact, Low Back Problems, Magnetized Water

Video T25, t6

J. Charlebois - MD, Duration: 7 min
Arthritis, Blocking Of The Neural System, Cause Of The Disease, Causes Of Rheumatism, Cellular Level, Circulation, Degenerative Chronic Diseases, Doctors Deal With Disease, Food, Immune System, J. Charlebois - MD, Living Proofs, Medications, Modern Lifestyle, Pills, Pollution, Questionnaire, Regenerate Tissues, Results, Rheumatism, Rhumatoid Arthritis

Video T26, t5

Jean Charlebois, Duration: 4 min
Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Video T26, t7

Adélard Racine, Duration: 3 min
Arthritis, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Video T31, t5

Marie-Paule Dion, Duration: 2 min
Arthritis, Rheumatism, Sore Throat

Video T32, t4

Martin Couture, Duration: 2 min
Anemia, Crohn's Disease, Heartburns, Hip Cartilage, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pericarditis

Video T8, t5

Monique Aubut, Duration: 7 min
Aspirin, Breast Tumor, Career, Epilepsy, Heart Rate, Juvenile Arthritis, Newborn Baby, Surgery Avoided, Thrombophlebitis


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