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Yvon Tremblay

Very low hemoglobin count - even after two tranfusions

Pure red blood cell aplesia, a little-known illness

that necessitated two blood transfusions in close succession

and required a 10-month leave of absence from work.

Prescribed medications: Prednisone, cortisone, cyclophosphamide

(St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada)


Novembre 24, 2009

FROM Yvon Tremblay

Experience with RHUMART: 19 years.

Illness diagnosed in June 1990:

«Pure Red Cell Aplesia», a type of severe anemia

(In French: Aplasie pure des globules rouges)

Required daily medications:

- 100 mg : Prednisone (cortisone) initially;
- 150 mg : cyclophosphamide.

In February 1991, I had already had two blood transfusions, one after the other, and my condition was considered critical. I almost required a third blood transfusion, but it became unnecessary because of the RHUMART machine.

From June 1990 until the end of February 1991, my condition remained critical, and the three attending physicians were facing a practically unknown illness.

I could not work for ten months, and I required large doses of Prednisone and other medications as well. (No need to mention that I was swollen all over because of the Prednisone).

In early March 1991, I met someone who owned a RHUMART machine. He invited me to come over and try it and I, having nothing to lose, accepted.

Believe it or not, during the third RHUMART treatment, I felt what seemed to be an electric current that began in my lower back and climbed to my head, stopping at my forehead. I remained frozen for a solid minute because of what I had just experienced.

Following the third treatment, my hemoglobin count (in the red blood cells that transport oxygen from the air we breathe to the cells,) rose from 5.7 to 7.0 in just one week, so I no longer required the third blood transfusion. My doctor was surprised by the result.

Seeing my test results, I decided to purchase a RHUMART Self-Health system ($5,300 CD at the time) on March 12, 1991.

From this moment on, I used the RHUMART to treat myself and the results for the tests that I underwent every three weeks continued to improve. (My doctor could not believe it, but he was not aware of the RHUMART).

In Novembre 1991, my blood tests revealed that my hemoglobin count was 10.

I was able to return to work, to the great satisfaction of my wife and friends.

In 1994, my blood tests showed my hemoglobin count at 14 and my doctor wished me well: “I don’t need to see you any more,” he said.

My suggestions to all of you:

1. During an illness, do not become discouraged;
2. Stay positive;
3. Say yes to RHUMART: if you are sick, RHUMART could help you;
5. I wish you the “good luck,” that I had.

Thank you to Dr. Drolet ... and to his RHUMART!

Yvon Tremblay

St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada,2009.