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Lise et Yoland L’Heureux

Tumor, blood loss, colonoscopy, urology,

Myopia, regained perfect vision, optometry, medical report, 

Driver’s licence, SAAQ, stable results after 20 years!

Miraculous device, Courage, determination,

And happiness

(Gatineau, Québec, Canada)


Hello Dr. Drolet,

Our experience with the RHUMART began in early September, 1990, after consulting two members of your team (including a doctor).

I explained to them that I had been losing a large amount of blood with my bowel movements. They explained that a tumor could be the cause of this blood loss. They suggested that I use the RHUMART device, or, if I didn’t feel confident, to consult a traditional medical practitioner. Not a great believer in traditional medicine, I purchased a RHUMART MBI-3000 Self-Health™ on September 24, 1990.

I used the RHUMART system for 6 consecutive months, performing two 15-minute treatments twice daily, using the following settings: Amplitude 4 to 6, Modulation 2 and 1.

The first week, I lost 7 pounds and my bowel movements were still abnormal: there was blood, liquid, etc. By Christmas I was weak and feeling worried, but with perseverence and determination I continued my treatments. I courageously told myself that I had nothing to lose by continuing.

One morning, six months later, my bowel movements were once again normal. I was the happiest person imaginable, as was my wife. (I was 48 years old).

I had a colonoscopy five years later. The urologist showed me a photo confirming that I had had a large tumor in the large intestine. Now, only the scar was visible - no more tumor. For me, the RHUMART system is a miracle. (I was 53 years old).

In 1991, I also treated my eyes. I wore glasses (invisible double bifocals) for myopia. I performed a 10-minute treatment each day for six months using the following settings: Amplitude 4 to 6, Modulation 2 and 3, and my sight returned to normal (20/20).

At my next optometrist appointment, I was told that I no longer required glasses. I sent the report to the SAAQ and they removed the condition to wear corrective eyeglasses from my driver’s licence!

I returned to see my optometrist in 2008 (seventeen years later) for another eye exam and he could not believe his eyes. I still had excellent vision for a man of my age. (I was 66 then and now I am 69).

To sum up, this RHUMART MBI-3000 system is the light of our life!

My wife and I recommend it to everyone.

A huge THANK YOU and our congratulations to Dr. Roland A. Drolet.

Lise et Yoland L’Heureux
Gatineau, Québec, Canada, 2010.

N.B. The original of this testimonial was signed by Yoland L’Heureux and sent to us via Canada Post in October, 2010.