Université Rodrol

Ginette Martin

Carpal tunnel atrophy, persistant earache, avoided surgery,

Cancer of the bladder, CVA, hernia, Alzheimer’s, regeneration,

pain killing, anti-inflammatory

(Québec, Canada)


Dear Dr. Drolet,

I had the pleasure of speaking with you on the phone on January 24.

I had never heard of RHUMART before meeting the man who would become my husband. I met Jacques when I was 47 and we married when I was 51. He had a friend who treated people with RHUMART, and though my husband sang its praises, I remained sceptical.

My husband convinced his mother to buy one to treat her husband who was suffering from carpal tunnel atrophy; he could barely hold a spoon to eat. To my great surprise, after five months, his hands were no longer clenched up and he could use them normally; he was 80 years old at the time.

I was next. At 49, I began suffering from a chronic earache. Doctors prescribed anti-congestants and many different ear drops, but nothing worked; just a simple gust of wind to the ears and the suffering would begin again. My husband encouraged me to visit his mother for a RHUMART treatment. Though it had cured my father-in-law’s hands, I was still sceptical and did not believe it would help me. Then one evening, I had no choice. My earache pain was so unbearable that I asked my husband to take me to his mother’s house for a RHUMART treatment.

My husband called his friend to ask for the settings to treat my earache, explaining that I had suffered for two years and taken many medications.

To my astonishment, 10 minutes after the treatment, the pain was gone!
I returned often to my mother-in-law’s after that. Funnily enough, at the same time, I needed to replace the glasses that I wore for myopia and presbyopia. At that point, I had been receiving regular RHUMART treatments for my earaches for two months. When I received my glasses, things looked blurry. The opthalmologist said I needed to get used to progressive bifocals; it would take two weeks.

He called me two weeks later to ask if things had improved. I told him “no,” that the glasses made everything blurry, so I wasn’t wearing them. He did another eye exam, and told me “your vision has changed!” “Is it better or worse?” I asked, and he responded, “Better, and 50% for both the myopia and presbyopia. Now I understand why you couldn’t see with your glasses.”

He made me new glasses. Today I drive without glasses, I only need them for reading very small print, and my earache is completely gone as well.

My husband’s friend explained that the magnetic field used to treat my ears had affected my eyesight as well - a happy coincidence. I’ve never doubted RHUMART since! I am a RHUMART convert, and for good reason.

A few months later I fell and tore an arm muscle. At the hospital I was told I would have to use a sling for 4 weeks... ha ha... RHUMART to the rescue! I gave myself one daily treatment and 6 days later, I took off my sling. The arm was still a bit sore, but two days later it was completely back to normal.

My friend (2002)
An old friend who I didn’t see often, she lived in Montreal and I lived in Quebec City at the time, called me in December to catch up. I learned that she would be operated on in March to install a pacemaker. I told her about RHUMART, and by another stroke of luck, she knew someone who owned one. She too was sceptical, but having nothing to lose, she decided to call her friend and receive RHUMART treatments.

In March when she was to have her operation, her doctor announced that, “Someone up there must like you. You no longer require surgery. You have the heart of a 20-year-old!”

No need to tell you that Maggie was filled with joy over this news, as was I. We lost touch with her again because over the years she moved away and so did I.

My husband (2005)
In late 2005, my husband was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. He was nearly 60 and refused any medication or chemotherapy. He told his doctor that he’d take the pills when it began to hurt.

Well, my mother-in-law now lived too far away for us to use her RHUMART; we had since moved to the lower Laurentians. Once again, as luck would have it, we received a call from our friend with a RHUMART. When he learned of my husband’s cancer, he didn’t hesitate for a second. He brought us his RHUMART and told my husband to use it for as long as he needed to.

My husband treated himself every day for 1 1/2 years, and then at larger intervals. Today his doctor told him, “You should have been dead two years ago, but your test results have never been better. There’s no sign of cancer!”

The cancer has not returned since and, to my great joy, he just turned 65... to his great joy as well.

Our mechanic (neighbour)
In 2006, my husband, who was already treating his own cancer, learned that our mechanic had suffered a CVA (stroke). He asked the wife if his friend could have RHUMART treatments. She responded that they had inherited two RHUMARTs, but didn’t know how they worked. So my husband phoned and asked his friend for treatment settings, and... INCREDIBLE  BUT TRUE...this 59-year-old man returned to work three months later, in perfect health, and with no side effects.

In conclusion
After all this, as well as my sister-in-law’s hernia that literally disappeared and my mother’s Alzheimer’s (also gone), how could I not be convinced of the regenerating, pain-killing, anti-inflammatory properties of RHUMART?

The only things I dislike, and there are two, is that those who inherit a RHUMART can’t get a guide or a reference on how to use it. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend who took a course and knows the RHUMART. Second (and I’m guilty of this), is our scepticism. Why do we have to wait until there’s nothing to lose before realizing that there are other methods, that doctors don’t know everything, and that drugs don’t heal everything? (In fact, drugs often maintain the illness). We are living with a crumbling health care system and sooner or later we had better take the matter in hand.

Thank you for taking the time to respond,

Ginette Martin, Québec, Canada, 2011.