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John Amann

RHUMART twin girls, perseverence,
Fertility, fertility clinics (for a 25,000 US$ trial session)
Sperm count, sperm mobility, IVF techniques, IVF clinics,
trauma, accident, plane crash, pelvic injury, pelvic bone surgery
RHUMART to help heal all sorts of ailments, overall wellness,
pilgrimage to Canada, wheelchair bound, health investment
(Boston and N.Y. city, USA)

VIP-TESTIMONIAL 2011, En (RHUMART twin girls, 17, in Boston, USA)

Hi Doctor Drolet,

It was nice talking to you this evening. I sent you an email before Christmas telling you about our RHUMART experience and our 2 beautiful daughters. In addition I wanted to know if I could use the RHUMART even though I was in an accident and they needed to recons- truct my pelvis with stainless steel. I'd appreciate any information that you could send me about how to better use the RHUMART so my pelvis will heal more quickly. I will describe how the RHUMART helped us.

About 20+ years ago my wife JoAnne and I wanted to start a family. We didn't have much success after the first year so we decided to get some tests done. After several months and tests it was determined that there were no issues with my wife so then I had some tests done. It was determined that my sperm count was very very low, below 100. In speaking with our doctors they mentioned that we should see some specialists to de- termine if there were any procedures that could be done to increase the sperm count or perhaps use IVF techniques to produce fertilization. Although IVF was not brand new, it certainly was not main-stream. There were many IVF clinics opening up claiming fantastic odds of conceiving. We chose to go to one such clinic, the fee was $25K for one trial session. We were lucky that our insurance company paid for this procedure. Unfortunately when all was said and done, with the low sperm count and poor sperm mobility none of the eggs fertilized. To us this was a sad day. We had hoped that this novel technique would yield results. This clinic is located in the Boston area.

Being determined individuals my wife and I did lots of research and decided to talk to fertility experts in New York. They were doing some interesting pioneering work in IVF. After our initial visit and evaluation they de- termined that with my sperm count being so low and the lack of sperm mobility they didn't feel that even their procedure would help. Again my wife and I were both devastated.

In speaking with a friend Rick, about our situation, he mentioned that he had a machine , a RHUMART that he used to help heal all sorts of ailments. He thought that the RHUMART may help increase the sperm count and overall wellness of the body. We used it several times at his house and then decided to buy our own. Needless to say we made a pilgrimage to Canada where we purchased the RHUMART with the rings and pads. An inexpensive investment considering the cost of fertility treatments.

We watched the video's and read all the literature about the RRHUMART and set it up in our spare bedroom. We used the RHUMART twice daily, both the rings and pads. Being skeptical, I purchased a nice quality micro- scope and we did our own sperm count analysis every week. What we found was that the sperm count was continually going up, and the mobility (I'm not an ex- pert) seems to be better from week to week. After about 6 months we decided to go back to the doctors to get an official count. Even the doctor was shocked to see that the count had risen to 250,000+. This was pretty good news for JoAnne and myself. Now with good sperm count we opted to go back to the IVF clinic in New York. They performed magic one day in mid December and were able to fertilize 5 eggs, 3 of which were implanted and 2 grew to become 2 beautiful girls.

In a quick summary that's our story about the RHUMART. After having kids, we did use the RHUMART for a while. But after we moved, it was placed in the suitcase and we forgot about it until now.

So now my story continues with my pelvic injury. On November 6th 2010, I was in a plane crash which broke my pelvic bone in several places. The doctors at Brighams and Womens hospital pieced me back together using several pieces of stainless steel and screws. Un- fortunately I can't put any weight on my legs until the bones heal. It's already been 8 weeks and they say I need to be wheelchair bound for 4 more weeks. With traditional medical facilities (in USA) I'm not allowed to bring in a RHUMART to use. So I've been stuck wai- ting for my bones to heal naturally. I plan on going home next week where I will start to use the RHUMART every day. What I would like is the proper settings for the Rings and Pads and how often I need to use them per day. I'm home all day so I can use them anytime.

Could you send me information on the settings and/or video's you have on the RHUMART ? My information is all on VHS tapes and I no longer have a VHS player that works. I do have a DVD player. If you could send me information it would greatly be appreciated.

John Amann, Boston, USA