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Interactive-Health™ conferences: Dr. R. A. Drolet, Ph.D.

Dr. R. A. Drolet, Ph.D. will soon be presenting
regularly-scheduled online conferences.

He will also be available for presentations to selected groups of interested people. These conferences will address the organization of health services and other themes related to “family and global health,” (for example, if you read French, download the following small pdf document: «la santé familiale et globale» ), the prevention and natural means of controlling pain and inflammation which is involved in over 80% of health problems for which the immune and the natural healing systems are perturbated. As it usually is the case for the following conditions :

Arthritis and inflammatory problems, High blood pressure, Pain, Traumatisms, Ulcers, Poor circulation, Sprains, Fractures, Back pain, Chronic STRESS, Insomnia, Wounds, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cancer, AIDS, Premature aging.

In addition to this partial list (at the bottom of the current Web page),* we invite you to spend a few minutes with your choice of users, professionals, or brilliant disciples of Hippocrates: Testimonials of results obtained for each of the five (5) biological human systems, organs, and conditions of the human body.

Soon, these conferences will be available to download for registered members who have opened a session (free or paid). For further details or to invite Dr. Drolet to your event, click on “Contact us” in the menu at the left: you may send us an email or call and leave a voicemail message.

Here are the INITIAL topics planned for Dr. Drolet’s Interactive-Health™ conferences:
    • The basic question?  TO GO FOR Bioelectric-Medicine™ * (for a longer historical introduction, published in 1990, click here: « HYPERLINK to RHUMART Journals » or  GO FOR "Biomedicines" of the 21st century: proposed by the "illness pharmaceutical industry" ** ?
      • Between Pasteur or Bachamp, who is the King?  In the 21st century, who will rush to treat people suffering from arthritis, sclerosis (bilateral amyotrophic, multiple, arterial, or arteriosclerosis), cancer, immuno-deficiency, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other more rare or degenerative imflammatory diseases?
      • And what will it cost the families, those suffering, the governments, and the greedy pharmaceutical companies? With its "biomedicines", the "illness pharmaceutical business" presently costs approximately $15,000-$25,000 US/person/year; whereas the “RHUMART holistic approach to health” presently costs about $4,500 to $5,500 US/family/20 years?  AN EASY CHOICE IS TO BE MADE! AND TO BE FULLY ASSUMED!!
      • The role of the federal government (the central governments of Canada, the U.S., the EEC, India, and China), and the WHO (World health organization) -- versus -- the role of regional governments (provinces, regions, and American states) -- and the role of families and individuals who suffer from chronic health problems.  The families and individuals should take the main responsibility for overcoming their suffering and for their own happiness, since no body can do it better themself !!!
      • Optimizing the RHUMART without borders project” : by involving families and educating them about how to overcome the majority of chronic health problems. To learn more about this, an english version entitled the  “RHUMART Family Club” will be made available: now, you can access the French version by clicking here:: « Club RHUMART Familial ».  Your comments and suggestions on this project would be welcome, by Email.
      • The long-term financing of RHUMART self-health™ systems for the most disadvantaged families through the organization of « Family Health Cooperatives (FHC) or RHUMART Family Clubs »: for example, see the following French version of a project, in pdf formart: « Club RHUMART Familial »
      • The thriving industry of Interactive-health™ systems in the 21st century and the public-private partnerships.


        * A Brief Video-introduction to Bioelectric-Medicine ™  
           and  the RHUMART holistic approach

        Following is a glance at the results that have been obtained since 1980 by using this revolutionary alternative medecine of the 21st-century : in the form of authentic testimonials by twenty users, professionals, and a few brilliant disciples of Hippocrates presenting the results they obtained for different systems of the human person, organs, and physical conditions:

        NOTE : the  language of many of the following videos is French, when clicking on the image, and English, when clicking on the video code following the picture of the person :

        With this original holistic approach, psychological, mental, and even spiritual aspects are taken into consideration to help people to improve their attitude towards their health and quality of life.


        ** Dr. R.-A. Drolet will scientifically explain the phenomenon of inflammation and pain with references to a shocking file aboutbiomedicines.” In 2011, these "biomedicines" account for approximately 10% of the pharmaceutical market, ($100 billion US).  An excellent scientific article on “biomedicines” was published in “La Recherche” scientific review, No 43 Special Edition, May 2011 (ISSN 1772-3809.