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Conferences by Dr. R. A. Drolet, Ph.D.

Dr. Drolet is the developer and scientific evaluator of the RHUMART Self-Health™ system. His multidisciplinary life experience (in telecommunications, university teaching, biomedical research, private health-care sector management, and as a scientific and global-culture author) has contributed to his international renown as a researcher-lecturer whose words are as pertinent as they are hard-hitting.

He would now like to share his knowledge with those who wish to improve their health, quality of life and happiness using simple, natural, safe and effective methods, ideally accessible to all forms of life.


Self-Medicine™ and RHUMART Miracles (268 pp, Jan. 2014)

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Self-Medicine™ and RHUMART Miracles

Dr Roland A. Drolet, Ph.D.

Category: Medical

Dr. Roland A. Drolet, Ph.D. ; Tel.: (514)243-7769


In 2013, his conferences (News Letters & Video-Courses) addressed the 7 following topics:

1. A simple formula leading to Self-medicine of the 3rd Millenum.

2. The RHUMART Conceptual Révolution ... or 7 révolutions? From Self-Therapy to Self-Medicine in the 3rd Millenum: physiological, pain-killing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative. 

3. The AS9 essential connexion of humanity.

4. The strong return of Medical GPs (General Practitioners) in the 21st century ... or the “Noble Specialty”?

5. The demystification of Medical Specialties and the RHUMART® holistic approach. 

6. The 3 Mafias and the 4 types of money ... for "Lasting Peace"?

7. Science & Conscience in the 3rd Millenum ... or the end of Gigantism?


In 2011 and 2012, his conferences addressed the three following topics:

1. Understanding the phenomenon of inflammation and pain including references to a shocking file about “biomedicines” that currently account for approximately 10% of the pharmaceutical market, ($100 billion US) according to the scientific magazine “La Recherche” No 43 Special edition, May 2011 (ISSN 1772-3809);

2. The gradual control of hundreds of different incapacitating and degenerative conditions with the RHUMART bioelectric system, a form of physiological, pain killing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative self-treatment.

3. The RHUMART Health without borders project in Quebec emphasizes the prevention and control of pain and chronic inflammation, and would allow for a 30% reduction in Quebec’s healthcare expenditures (which accounted for approximately 50% of Quebec’s entire expenditures in 2010).

Because leading health experts have confirmed that inflammation is involved in over 80% of chronic health problems, and considering results obtained with RHUMART’s holistic approach in the last 30 years, the projected 30% reduction in total health costs, in Quebec and elsewhere, is not surprising. Moreover, the potential for health cost reductions is supported by two independant scientific studies carried out by the CROP research center in Montreal.

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 Still curious? You can access a detailed historical introduction to the nature and the scientific, clinical, and human bases of RHUMART self-therapy, and look at results obtained since 1980 using this revolutionary approach, by referring to the 208 page ENGLISH version of «The 3 RHUMART Journals», including an abstract of there contents in 7 languages, click on the above underlined link.