Université Rodrol

Rodrol University

This modest university, was founded in 2009 by a multi-disciplinary team of associates who understood the extraordinary potential of RHUMART’s holistic approach*, and who were devoted to educating those interested in taking charge of their own health with the RHUMART Self-Health™ system.

Rodrol University offers Masters and Doctorate programs in “Rodrol Universal-Medicine,” a true multi-disciplinary approach. This new 21st-century form of self-treatment demystifies hundreds of health problems. People suffering from health problems can take charge of their own health with the assistance of trained mentors who provide professional follow-up using the RHUMART holistic method.

The RHUMART approach gives a sense of active involvement, control, and responsibility to user-owners of the RHUMART bioelectric system: as well expressed by Dr. A.-M. Bégué-Simon, M.D. in the following 10-minute video-clip (in French): Video 6N, t3
With a qualified mentor, the user will learn the right way to select applicator configurations and the parameters of RHUMART bioelectric conditioning, that act on all nervous system synapses (human and animal), and bring about several essential physiological effects, promoting better communication between all parts of the human body, both physical and spiritual.

If you have not yet watched this video clip (a scientific introduction to the enormous potential of this Bioelectric Medicine of the 21st century), you can watch Dr. Jean Charlebois, M.D. as he gives his scientific and medical opinion of the RHUMART phenomenon: (in French, by clicking on the following Dr. Charlebois' image; and in English, by clicking on the video code following Dr. Charlebois' picture): Video T19, t5 .

* Video  Introduction to Bioelectric-Medicine™
   and the RHUMART holistic approach

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The RHUMART Tesla-Shumann Resonance Regenrator!

 Following is a glance at the results that have been obtained since 1980 by using this revolutionary alternative medecine of the 21st-century : in the form of authentic testimonials by twenty users, professionals, and a few brilliant disciples of Hippocrates presenting the results they obtained for different systems of the human body, organs, and physical (plus mental) conditions:

NOTE : the  language of many of the following videos is French, when clicking on the image, and English, when clicking on the video code following the picture of the person :

    With this original holistic approach, psychological, mental, and even spiritual aspects are taken into consideration to help people to improve their attitude towards their health and quality of life.


    Before presenting the six programs currently offered by Rodrol University’s specialized training in physical sciences, life sciences, and health sciences, here is a glimpse of a series of original documents (never published): 9 volumes of integral science training, grouped together and entitled

    The RHUMART paradigm”.

    Volume 1 in the series addresses “Rodrol universal medicine.” Volume 2 is an original introduction to the sciences, with an emphasis on the physical sciences, philosophy, and intermediate mathematics (post-secondary level in Quebec). Volume 3 starts with the origins and the development of life on earth, and works its way up to integral health through education and special training programs. The rest of the volumes can be accessed by clicking “The RHUMART paradigm”.
    Finally, the last item on the “Rodrol University” sub-menu at the left,  will allow you to download the integral content of the RHUMART journals (208 pages). A brief indication of the journals’ content is given below, followed by 3 “icon/links” that will allow you to immediately download directly from this page. (Be patient; the PDF documents are quite long).

    Download RHUMART journals

    By clicking on one of the three following icons (RHUMART journal cover pages), you will access a historical introduction outlining the nature of RHUMART self-therapy, and its scientific, clinical, and human bases.  These journals also include some amazing results obtained since 1980 .

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    Dr. Roland A. Drolet, Ph.D. ; Tel.: (514)243-7769