Université Rodrol

The RHUMART Paradigm (9 volumes, 2011+)

General introduction to the “The RHUMART Paradigm” encyclopedia

Etimologically, the word paradigm signifies “around or beyond” dogma, in the sense that no current knowledge corresponds to it. In a way, it appraoches the unknown! We are in uncharted territory, close to the limits of knowledge, but beyond.

So why is this scientific endever that covers all types of energy combined under one single title, “the RHUMART paradigm”? This multidisciplinary or multi-dimensional series in nine volumes may be considered a general introduction to the pure sciences and to all soft sciences (in the sense of malleable, flexible, plastic, or in perpetual transformation): logic, mathematics, and physics for the basic sciences, and psychology, “medicine,” neurosciences, mental sciences, and spirituality for the soft sciences.

This also includes a brief introduction to the “offsprings” of physics: atomic and molecular physics and biology, astronomy, astrophysics, and basic cosmology according to “Rodrol”.  After 50 years of sustained scientific curiousity, the sky is the limit!

RHUMART bioelectricity and the author’s RHUMART holistic approach holds an important, even special position, in our candid opinion. Nonetheless, the universal scientific principles and applications presented in these nine volumes constitute the basis of all types of medicine and science. These come from the universal observer inside each one of us that wants to express the unknown!

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