Université Rodrol

The RHUMART Paradigm, Volume 3

The foundation of life sciences

From the beginning to the training of the spirit

Volume ❸ is addressed to advanced, open-minded students who, on top of wanting to understand the physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual universe, are motivated by all that concerns the human being and by alternative medicines, including the Self-Health Interactive™ approach, the control of the mind, and natural means of eliminating human (or inhuman) suffering.

In fact, suffering can be too demeaning (or acceptable) to be considered a person’s friend (or enemy), according to the thoughts, words, and actions that this suffering inspires in the human mind.

Let’s simply say that the human mind is more or less conscious of its own, potentially unlimited power if one manages to control it independantly, or with the help of others.

As a preface, here is a multidiscipinary article entitled  “From stardust to ... the human spirit(or “From the origin of life to ... the human spirit”) from chapter 2 of vol. 9Fr in the Mikal Encyclopedia.
 "Table of contents for Volume 3 and an abridged 22-page version", available FREE of charge:

"Table of contents for Volume 3 and an abridged 22-page French version (Free)"