Université Rodrol

The RHUMART Paradigm, Volume 4

The 22 Prefaces   and the 22 Annexes  

of  volumes 1 to 3 in this series

The prefaces (P1 to P22) are aimed at every open minded reader.

The annexes (A1 to A22) are essentially offered for physicists,
engineers and basic science advocates who wish to undertake
their own reflexions on the topics covered in vol. 1 to 3
of the present RHUMART paradigm series.

Following are the two hyperlinks to said 22 prefaces and to said 22 annexes
(to be made available shortly
) by Dr. R.-A. Drolet, Ph.D.:

"The 22 Prefaces (P1 to P22)" and  "The 22 Annexes (A1 to A22)"
of volumes 1 to 3 in this series:

"The 22 prefaces (P1 to P22)" and  "The 22 annexes (A1 to A22)"
of volumes 1 to 3 in this series

Note RD : to be completed by Dr. Drolet: detailed contents, light version and PDF documents.