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The RHUMART Paradigm, Volume 5

RHUMART Bioelectricity or
The Physiological
Spark-of-life (Étincelle-de-Vie™):
Eight different perspectives on the RHUMART phenomenon

The documents (Videos and PDFs) related to the 8
perspectives below
, are accessible by clicking their title-link:

1.  The little history of RHUMART (part 1/2) and The little history of RHUMART (part 2/2) :  (video R6, 11 minutes) : version 1989.

2. The RHUMART Journals, Vol. 1, 2, and 3 ; 1990; these three journals are reproduced in Vol. 3 Fr (in French) and 13 En (in English) of the Mikal Encyclopedia.

3.  A scientific and medical opinions on the testimonials (2d7)  by Dr. A.M. Begué-Simon, M.D. Epidemiologist, who was an expert in medical and paramedical disciplines at the "Court of Appeal in Paris", France.

4. RHUMART’s impact on the future of medicine  (video Ri-T19-t5, 2.7 minutes): Fondamental clinical research into bioelectric medicine in the 21st century: by Dr. Jean Charlebois, M.D.

5. General introduction to RHUMART therapy on two DVDs iRi-1Fr (in French), et iRi-1En (in English): order a copy by emailing Dr. Drolet at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

6. Introduction of a Series of 6 multilingual DVDs (French, English, and Spanish): Addressing scientific basis, experiences of health professionals, and results obtained by RHUMART owners. See Volume 6 of this series for the 6-DVD box set, and Volume 7 for a transcript of the testimonials of 48 user-owners of the Self-Health™ system.  Alphabetical index - 10 pages (reduced to one web page)  l’Index alphabétique de 10 pages (réduit à une page Web);

7. The best anti-inflammatory means (2008) / L’anti-inflammatoire par excellence (2008) and The RHUMART Phenomenon (2009) / Le Phénomène RHUMART (2009) : Two bilingual color leaflets (in French and English); 

8. RHUMART Historical introduction kits (1980-2009): for further information about the three kits listed below, send your request by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (include your phone number, town, region, and country) or by clicking on the following links for some French or English versions of specific documents listed below:

1.  The Kits identificed Ki-Fr and Ki-En: (in French and in English).  The Ki-Fr includes: 7" x 14" leaflet entitled "Master your own health", 1986 «Devenez MAÎTRE de votre santé,1986»; leaflet  "RHUMART Anti-Stress", 1995 «Anti-Stress RHUMART, 1995» ; article entitled "The RHUMART System or Taking your health in hand", 2003, «Le système RHUMART ou l'Art de prendre sa santé en main, 2003» published in the magazine “50 ans et +” and a testimonial of François Drolet (gold medalist in the Nagano Olympics, 1998);

2.  Leaflet from a  "Universal Bioelectric-Medicine™ (UBM) Health Center", 2006 « Centre de Santé MBU - Médecine-Bioélectrique™ Universelle, 2006 » ; a cooperative educational project in a "RHUMART Family Club (RFC)", 2009; «Club RHUMART Familiale (CRF), 2009» Contents of an English, general education document entitled  "General Education Package, GEP-2004" and the "Biomedical Prescription", 2004 (En and Fr versions): «General Education Package, GEP-2004» et la «Prescription Biomédicale» (versions En et Fr);

3.  The RHUMART historical pages (1980-2008): (French and English versions).