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RHUMART without borders project



By clicking on the next item of the left menue of this site, you will access a number of documents (PDF or video) that introduce the RHUMART phenomenon, and in particular, the results of two scientific surveys from the CROP research center in Montreal that surveyed more than 1,000 owner-users of the RHUMART Self-Health™ family system. This independant scientific research demonstrated that RHUMART’s holistic approach has the potential to reduce the number of medications prescribed by Quebec doctors, and thus the money spent on medications, by 50%. It also showed the potential for a 50% reduction in the number of visits to the doctor; that is a 40% reduction for general practitioners and a 60% reduction for visits to the specialist!

This conclusion, extrapolated from data obtained from the principal users of the health care system, people suffering from pain and chronic inflammation (the latter group comprising over 80% of chronic-condition sufferers), has allowed us to realistically evaluate the number of RHUMART Self-Health™ family systems necessary to make a major impact (approximately 30%) on Quebec’s health care spending (which accounted for approximately 50% of Quebec’s total budgetary spending in 2010).

Here is a look at the minimum budgets required for the RHUMART without borders project:

Three-part budget for this project

Feasible in 5 to 10 years, depending on motivation and financing

(Source document: RHUMART paradigm Volume 1, page 51)

Initial bioelectic budget for the best country, of about 6 million people:
    100 million dollars to manufacture 100,000 Self-Health™ systems.

Training program with personalized follow-up

This initial training program is designed for Mentors and for all clients of the RHUMART family who have chosen the Family Self-health™ program for better control of their own and their family’s health problems.

    Annual budget for the first five years: three million dollars
    to train and employ 100 highly motivated trainer-mentors.

A program broadcasting the advantages of Self-health
    The program’s three main objectives :

- Recruitment of volunteer participants who suffer from one or several health problems;

- Recruitment of qualified, motivated mentors;

- The international diffusion, on the internet and other diffusion channels, of the advantages of living in a country with “RHUMART in the home!”

    Annual budget for the first five years: 3 million dollars;
    to encourage 99 countries to follow the example of the best country in the world.