Université Rodrol

The RHUMART Paradigm, Volume 1

The scientific revolution: uniting science, medicine, and spirituality

Volume ❶ in the series is aimed at curious, open-minded individuals, who, on top of wanting to understand the physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual universe, are also motivated by all that concerns the person and by different types of medicine; this includes the proactive self-health approach, self-control of our mind, and the elimination of human suffering (or should we say inhuman suffering?) by natural or physiological means.

In fact, suffering can be too demeaning (or acceptable) to be considered a person’s friend (or enemy), according to the thoughts, words, and actions that this suffering inspires in the human mind. Let’s simply say that the human mind is more or less conscious of its own, potentially unlimited power if one manages to control it by himself, or with the help of others.

For a FREE access to a PDF document (of 54 pages) which is presently available in French only, click on the following link:

FREE access to a PDF document (of 54 pages, in French version)