Université Rodrol

The RHUMART Paradigm, Volume 7

Transcript of 48 RHUMART testimonials and keywords

This physiological Spark-of-life™ (Étincelle-de-Vie™) generated by the RHUMART system, acts on more than 75 health problems involving inflammation including: arthritis, different traumatisms, wounds, back pain, osteoarthritis, hypertension, inflammation, Cancer, AIDS, arteriosclerosis, and immunodeficiency (even in cases of advanced AIDS, at the terminal stage)..

Table of Contents” of 48 very revealing testimonials::

Alphabetical index (one web page) of 48 multilingual testimonials: English and French versions

Involving at least 75 inflammatory health problems (some mentioned above).

Transcript of Vibrant Testimonials on the best anti-inflammatory means (with Alphabetical index): offered by 48 wise RHUMART owner-users (many of which are available in French only, in the pdf format ; and all 48 are available in English, French and Spanish in the video format)

(The latter transcript is being prepared by
Dr. R.A. Drolet, Ph.D,
and will be linked when ready).